Some Unusual Games To Try At A Casino

When it comes to casino gambling, your mind tends to think about a couple of games that you may have played over the last few years. But do you ever come across a list of games that you thought were too unusual for a casino? Well, if you haven’t, then we are here to clear things up because there are a few games that do not fit the list like the usual set of games. So to help you understand all that we’re talking about, here are some unusual games to try at a casino.

1. 777 Dice


Although 777 Dice from Art of Games was carefully compared to craps, it went on to be classified as a game of luck. By using two dice, the game ventures on to help you get connected to a different kind of experience. With the roll of two dice, you are allowed to place bets on a few propositions that are known to be valid based on the direction the game is moving into. Due to that, the only way to begin learning more about this game is to look through these propositions and understand more about the same.

2. Dueling for Dollars

 Dueling for Dollars

If you have heard of Casino War, then understanding Duelling for Dollars will not be a huge deal. Dueling for Dollars is the UK variant of the Casino War and is the intellectual property of Galaxy Gaming. The rules are simple as it provides a platform for one to exhibit a play bet that also comes with optional side bets. As the player and dealer begin to get things rolling, the game moves ahead to incorporate the right aspects that are required to help you understand the purpose in general.

3. 21 Duel Blackjack

The idea to combine standard blackjack with the famous Texas hold’em poker brought forward 21 Duel Blackjack from designer Playtech. In terms of rules and goals, the game tends to rely on familiar grounds as it can be considered the same as blackjack. But the more you explore the same, the more you realize certain aspects that tend to be differential. So before we spoil things for you, go ahead and learn more about 21 Duel Blackjack.


4. Jackpot Darts

Designer Playtech makes another mark with Jackpot Darts as the game helps you bet between a penny and $100. By involving the distinct element of skill, Jackpot Darts progresses to make matters connect and promote the right effect of gambling. But when you look closely, you will also realize that Jackpot Darts can also be considered a slot machine game as the trappings of a skill game are quite evident.

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