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Sony SACD/CD Player Modification

Our Digital and Analog Modifications to these Players take these units far beyond any other players or transport/DACs currently available. Our Tube Research Labs DAC is better, but at considerably greater cost and very limited availability. Several of our customers claim the Sony/TRL mod is a better-sounding unit than units in the >$22,000 range, and have sold their 'better' units.

A bold statement, but don't take our word for this. Please, check out the testimonials of satisfied owners of our units, and see which players these replace.

We either own and have modified, or have previously modified, many other makes and models of DVD, SACD, CD Players, and D/A Convertors. Contact us if you own another make/model to see if we'll modify your unit.

All work is performed by Tube Research Labs employees, and is warranteed.

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